Why Choose Boarding Schools

Why Boarding?

Today’s parents are looking for schools that match their expectations, aiming to provide the very best environment in which their child can grow and learn.
The decision is not likely to be that of the parents alone. The young people today are likely to be a part of the decision. Given that a boarding education offers them the best of both worlds, family at home and friends away, they are going to have a say in the final decisions which families make about the most appropriate school for them.
Different boarding schools will have a niche and cater for a variety of children. The thing they all share is their care and concern for each individual child in their boarding house, and their commitment to ensuring that each child is feels safe and happy, whatever their interests or talents.
Boarding helps children to develop:
  • Confidence
  • Community Spirit
  • Independence
  • Social Skills
  • Cultural Awareness
  • Respect for others
  • Self-motivation
  • Responsibility
  • A wide variety of interests
Boarders feel that they have a:
  • Great Social Life
  • Enhanced Education
  • Close relationship with their family
  • Friends for life
  • Greater access to school facilities
  • Good working relationship with teachers
  • Wide variety of activities available
Either way on can be sure that boarding schools seek to help all pupils achieve their full potential and find their special place in society.